Low Vision Center

When a normal pair glasses is no longer enough

Do you wear glasses, yet find that your vision is no longer satisfactory or adequate? Is reading becoming increasingly more difficult? Do you have difficulties watching television or going shopping?

If normal glasses are no longer sufficient, magnifying vision aids quickly provide for a boost in quality of life. Whether it be magnifiers, magnifying glasses, telescope glasses, screen readers or edge filters: Visit us in the Low Vision Center in Schweich and let us provide you with competent advice on your individual options. According to your individual needs, we can put our heads together to find a vision aid that will afford you more flexibility again in everyday life.

It is recommended to choose a magnifier with illumination. The contrast is increased by the light, which means that normally a lower magnification is necessary. This in turn creates a larger field of vision and results in a more convenient reading distance.

Magnifying glasses make convenient, two-handed reading possible again. In simple terms, the magnifier is integrated into the eyeglass lens and therefore it looks almost like a normal pair of glasses.

Monoculars are small field glasses that are only intended for one eye. This enables users to once again find their way around outside of the home, and read objects such as street signs, schedules or price tags.

In many cases, lighting alone leads to a definite improvement in vision. Many vision problems can normally be greatly mitigated or even fully eliminated. In the center for magnifying vision aids, we offer special lamps in various light colors and versions, which have a much higher frequency than traditional lamps.

We constantly stock a large selection of the latest devices. Even people who are less technically inclined have no difficulty handling them. We also have screen reading devices as a portable version, only slightly heavier than a cell phone.

Our service for you:

  • Measurement of your visual acuity with state-of-the-art 3D technology
  • Large selection of eyeglass frames
  • Appointments even outside of normal opening hours